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American Ennui

Why fight it?

struggling between articulacy and inarticulacy
11 January 1985
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La fé. As a generalist, I await a life of indigence and petty theft.

A bon vivant and a pollo loco. Hella interested in φ.

Élan vital:

Jeremy Blake
Moving Target
The Young Detective
oil on canvas
12 x 20 inches

Jeremy Blake
Oil on canvas.
4'33", a.e. houseman & e.e.cummings, absolute particulars, academia, aesthetics, allen ginsberg, ambiguity, analytic logic, anti-art, antiquity, antitheses, archimedean point, aristotle, art, arthur danto, aspiring literati, ben folds, berkeley, bill murray, binary oppositions, blasphemy, camus, causality, chaos, charcoal, clarity, cognition, coherence, color field theory, confusion, consciousness, contradictions and contraries, culpability, darkness, david hume, deduction, deontology, descartes, doubt and illusions, drawing, dualism, empiricism, ennui, epistemology, etymology, evil, ex nihilo, ex sistere, excess, exclusive and inclusive or's, existence, existentialism, fallacies, false cognates, felix culpa, feminism, film, geekisms, georgia o'keefe, getting my nerd on, gnosis, gnosticism, god, heraclitus, humor, hypotheses, iconoclasm, idealism, india tea and food, induction, inter-sentential and intra-sentential calculus, iris murdoch, irony, irreverence, james joyce, jean-paul sartre, kant, kierkegaard, knowledge, language, law of identity, law of noncontradiction, liberalism, love, lucifer, mannerism, memento mori, memes, memory, meta-ethics, metaphysics, mimesis, modest mouse, narratives, negative freedom, negative theology, neruda, neurotheology, nietzsche, non sequiturs, non-sense, nothingness and space, nous, obscenity, ontology, optimism, ostention, painting, personhood, phenomenology, philosophy, photography, plato, politics, positive freedom, quests & questions, realism, res cogito, res extensa, reverence, rock 'n'roll, russell, self relating to self, semantics, semiotics, sense-datum, sexuality, silence, skepticism, socrates, solipsism, soundness, subjectivism, sublime, syntax, synthetic logic, t.s. eliot, tantalus, tennis, the copula, trivialities, truth, ursula leguin, vagueness, validity, verbal irony, verbosity, via negativa, walker percy, wittgenstein